Master the Newest Wind Sport- Wing Foiling

Wing foiling is an exciting and rapidly growing water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and foiling. As its popularity continues to soar, more and more water enthusiasts are taking up the challenge of mastering this exhilarating sport. But what exactly is wing foiling, and how can you learn to embrace the wind and […]

Mastering Kite Surfing and Tips for Advanced Riders

advanced kite surfer

1. Introduction Are you ready to take your kite surfing skills to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, mastering this exhilarating water sport requires time, dedication, and the right guidance. That’s where kite surfing lessons come in. The beautiful islands of the Bahamas offer the perfect backdrop for learning and […]

Windchaser I Catamaran: All the Best WaterSport on a Catamaran

Windchaser I catamaran offers a wide range of exciting activities for guests to enjoy. Here are some of the activities that you can experience on this catamaran. Kite Surfing This is a thrilling water sport that involves being propelled across the water by a large kite while standing on a board. The catamaran has ample […]

Unleash Your Kitesurfing Dream: Discover Why The Bahamas Reigns Supreme

Go ahead, unleash your kitesurfing dream. Ready to embark on an epic kitesurfing cruise? The Bahamas is the ultimate destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts. Discover its top-notch wind conditions, pristine beaches, and breathtaking landscapes. Book your kitesurfing cruise with us for an unforgettable experience! Looking to take your kitesurfing skills to new heights? Look no further […]

Useful Information when Traveling to The Bahamas

Traveling to The Bahamas this winter for vacation? Not sure what to pack. What is the temperature right now? What currency should you take? We got you! Here are our tips and tricks to help you plan your next trip to Nassau or the Exumas. Location The Bahamas is an archipelago located in the western […]

The History of the Pirates of The Bahamas

The history of pirates in The Bahamas is an exciting chapter in the maritime history of the region. Most of the pirates have passed through these lands at some part. Here are some fun facts about Bahamas history you can pull out at your next dinner party or vacation to Nassau. Kite Boat Cruises crew […]

Kitesurfing in The Bahamas: A Tropical Paradise for Adventurous Riders

Discover the thrilling world of kitesurfing in The Bahamas, where turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and perfect wind conditions create the ultimate kitesurfing experience. Find out why The Bahamas is a top destination for kitesurfing enthusiasts and plan your next adventure in this tropical paradise. Why The Bahamas should be at the top of your list. […]

Underwater life in The Bahamas

The Bahamas, a country consisting of over 700 islands and cays in the Atlantic Ocean, is renowned for its diverse and vibrant underwater life. The archipelago is located in the western portion of the Atlantic Ocean, close to the coast of Florida, and benefits from the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, which contribute to […]

Sailing in The Bahamas- Navigating the 700 Islands

Set sail and explore the tropical paradise of The Bahamas, where azure waters, pristine islands, and a vibrant sailing culture await. Discover the allure of sailing in The Bahamas, from its tranquil anchorages to its stunning marine life, and plan your next unforgettable sailing adventure in this Caribbean gem. Welcome to the enchanting world of […]

Kite Boat Cruises’ Lagoon 450 catamaran

Kite Boat Cruises now has two boats in our fleet. Both running during the windy kite season and both with the best luxury services and amenities. The difference how many people are in your group and the price point. But Kite Boat Cruises holds the highest caliber of crew and professional services in the kite […]