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COVID has had affected many lives around the world. Our thoughts go out to everyone who has struggled during this past year. We want to make sure that everyone stays healthy and happy.
Part of that is finding joy and happiness during these difficult times. Part of this is supporting local businesses when COVID is impacting the economy.

We have an idea! Support the locals of the Bahamas and find happiness on an excluded island. Sailing on a boat in the Bahamas is the best way to social distance while on vacation! Get away from congested cities and explore deserted islands. Can you ask for a better way to vacation safely during COVID?

KBC is working closely with the Bahamas tourism board to make sure we follow the current COVID regulations and that our kiters and sailors also have the most current information on COVID rates and travel rules. You can find the updated travel requirements (contact tracing forms, pre-entry testing, mask rules) attached to this page.

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Bahamas Covid precautions

We are open

Here few restrictions

The Bahamas has several health regulations that tourists have to comply with before entering.
1. Obtain a COVID RT-PCR Test 72 hours before departure.

2. Submit a Travel Health Visa Application- contact tracing form and is approved within 72 hours.

3. If staying more than 5 days, you are required to take a COVID rapid test.

You are required to wear a mask in public places and keep a 2-meter distance between people. Additional information can be found on the tourism website.

KBC COVID Precautions

About the test

Rapid testing

In order to keep all our guests safe, we will also ask to see a copy of your negative test results, especially for shared charters.

KBC will supply hand standardizer and masks for our clients. Every week we have a cleaning team who disinfect the boat to ensure client safety. We abide by all the hotel hospitality cleanliness rules.

For the 5 day- rapid testing, we have coordinated the Exuma Cays clinic to have our clients testing at that site. This is a typical stop on our charters and therefore should not impact our sailing and your holiday.


You are safe.

Don't worry if you want to cancel.

Due to the uncertain times of COVID-19, we have updated the cancellation policies. If you are forced to cancel your trip due to COVID-19, you will receive a voucher available for use for the next 18-months from the date of purchase. When the 18-month period has ended and you have not been able to redeem the voucher, the total payment will be refunded.


Good news!

The Bahamas is open in 2020 !

The Bahamas is open to tourism and travel restrictions have begun to ease up. Please click the link below for the latest information.

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