In The Bahamas

White Point

White Point is an island of your dreams with soft, white beach and crystal clear turquoise water. Amazing flatwater kitesurfing and even the possibility to downwind to Blue Lagoon. The trees provide a nice shade to take a rest and the catamaran is very close and always in reach even swimming. The spot is large, more than enough to provide fun for everyone on the water and of course no one else is there, no boats, no other kitesurfer - this is one of our favourite spots!

Flatwater, shallow area

Northwest to Northeast

Blue Lagoon 

This is an amazing island with a big sandbar that provides a huge shallow area, followed by a deeper channel where the catamaran is anchored, behind follows another long and wide sandbar. The windward end of the sandbar is so shallow that it gets out of the water on low tide and builds up a huge flatwater spot. The wonderful beach with trees is great to hang out and chill out. You can follow the beach all around the island and discover its beauty and the lake inside the island.

Flatwater, shallow area

West to Northeast

Sandy Cay ​

Very close to Nassau there is this small island with few palms and a beach to set up the kites. The spot is fun as the beach provides flat water with offshore or side-offshore winds, that's why our dingy is ready anytime for rescues. We also love to downwind from here to Rose Island, which is just next - The island is great for photo shootings with the beautiful palms, as it is quite open to the sea the flat part is small, the rest is quite choppy but still fun, especially for foiling.

Flat & choppy, sand beach

South and North

Sandy Bridge 

Sandy Bridge is a connection of a rocky island with a small cay. The beach is long and perfectly clean and with the offshore winds of course, there is the maximum flat water you can ever expect. This spot is for experienced kiter only but worth it anytime with its amazing colours and conditions. The catamaran is in a safe and calm anchor spot next to the beach. Here is the best spot for shootings we've been, as everything is just perfect! A little walk on the rocky island to explore it is always worth it!

Southwest to Southeast

Flatwater, shallow area

Cyan Channel


Two islands provide this channel that is a labyrinth of sandbars - a pure playground to explore, jump over, cruise in small and big lagoons, ride up to the open sea and catch some waves or just follow offshore coastlines in the flattest water you have ever dreamed of! But much more than this it is a pure dream to cruise in all these turquoise nuances, the pure white sand is almost as bright as the sun! A large sandbar is perfect to set up the kites and a hilly part with a big pine tree is perfect for a lunch break!

Here you can find all the blues you can imagine, 100% Bahamas!

Superflat, lagoons, sandbars

West and Northeast to S-east

Manta Cay 

We haven't seen any other island like that one! It is so tiny that it can't be found on google maps! Just a small rock surrounded by sand that is followed by two big sandbars forming a half-moon for the most perfect anchor spot ever and of course it provides great flatwater anytime! The island is surrounded by countless other sandbars, the shallow area is huge! The cay got this name because there are many mantas to see when kitesurfing, as well as great starfishes. We love this spot, it is out in the true nowhere...!

Flatwater, Sandbar, shallows

North to Northeast

Heaven Bar 


Heaven Bar is a wild Island with many sandbars, which come out of the water by low tide and provide huge flat water and shallow areas for kitesurfing. The white sand beach and the island are beautiful to explore but the kitespot is just as turquoise as all you have ever seen and the long and twisted sandbar is fun to check out and play with the little lagoons and jumping from one to the next channel. This huge playground is one of our most visited kitespots as it is on the way to many other spots

Flatwater, Sandbar, shallows

North to Northeast

Moon Beach 

Like a half moon the sandbars leave away from this island, building a pool around a very shallow area. This spot provides a great natural safety as long as you kite in the pool - and of course, next to the sandbars you find amazing flat water to play with. Westerly winds even bring some waves in, which are cool to play with! As the spot is so safe and the island so flat, every wind direction works! We love this spot as it is one of our great playgrounds for every level of kitesurfing. And of course, the colours can't be better too.

Huge pull with sand bars.

All Wind Direcions

Normans Cay

Famous Pablo Escobar's aeroplane wreck is just next to our anchorage spot and to a huge shallow area with sandbars by low tide. Close to the boat and the wreck we set up the kites and explore the big bay next to the ancient small airport of Pablo Escobar. The plane wreck is fun to cruise around for advanced kiter but most of all it is a must seen to go snorkelling and dive in this old legend piece of the story, full of corals and coloured fishes. With some luck, you may even discover a huge manta or a baby nursing shark!

Flatwater, shallow area

South and North

Rose Island 

Rose Island, well known next to Nassau has a long beach with trees and great turquoise water. It is a cool kite spot for a day of fun, also close to Sandy Cay, where you can downwind from.

The island has side-onshore wind, so take care you keep your distance to the shore and of course, it is not flat water here, more choppy and depending on the wind also a few waves but as the bay is sheltered by further islands and reefs there is no big swell.

Little chop & flat water

Northwest to Northeast, south, southwest

Twin Cay's

Abandoned Island with sandy beach

One of the twin's Cays has a beautiful sandy beach, sideonshore to sideshore winds provide amazing kitesurfing here. A small sandbar pointing out is fun to jump over. Leaving the save spot along the beach you kite in open water next to the catamaran. A huge area is great fun for freeriding. Of course our dingi is always ready for rescues, to provide your safety anytime!

Flatwater, Shallow area

South to Northeast

Shoal Channel

Shallow channel with sandbars

Shoal Channel is a playful channel with sandbars and shallow areas and here and there a rocky point. This playground is for advanced kiter only on the channel side, but on the other side of the big beach is a long bay that also is great for kitesurfing. We love to kite here at low tide, but also on the high tide there is much fun all over. The beach is wide and beautiful and great to explore in a break. From a rocky hill, you can take amazing pictures of this great turquoise kitesurfing spot!

Flatwater, Beach, Shallows

From Southeast to Northeast

Green Cay


Close to Nassau and Rose island, it’s a unique experience. It’s a small sandy beach to start kitesurfing from and explore the large Rose island. It works with hi and low tides. This spot is for advanced riders only. It's also perfect for hydrofoiling. Close to the beach, you can see turtles and swim up close to them in their natural habitat.

Small chopy, Beach, Turtles

East, South and West winds.

Lost Beach.


Enjoy this triangular-shaped small beach. Be amazed by the view and feel the power of nature. Beautiful white sands to prepare the gear and go kitesurfing in flat water, offshore wind spot. Perfect to practice freestyle jumps! You can also do kitesurfing downwind to Shoal channel!


Flat water, off-shore. Beach


East, northeast and southeast wind direction

We know you would like to check out these spots on a map - but the only way to explore them is to join us on a cruise! Months of research, work, and careful exploration with a professional team is behind the scene to provide this fantastic choice of kitesurfing spots on our Bahamas kite cruises. 


With a lot of passion and huge effort, we have learned how to prepare the best itineraries in this area combining the most beautiful kiteboarding spots, safe and quiet anchorages, and local attractions. Also, we have researched all the safety features of these locations, and are aware of the needed instructions and guidelines to provide a safe experience to every level of kiter on board!

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