Kitesurf Instructor

Working with a Kitesurf Instructor on Your Trip

At KiteBoat Cruises, we can help you plan an incredible Caribbean adventure. A component of that experience can be learning to kitesurf. This is a fantastic experience in which you’ll be using a board – much like a surfboard though you will be standing on it, and a line to connect you to your boat. You’ll be able to navigate through the waters, moving your body through the waves. It all starts with meeting the kitesurf instructor.


When you work with our kitesurf instructor, you will have hands-on experience. We will teach you how to position your body, how to do jumps, and how to navigate the water in a safe but fun way. This is a fantastic experience. You should have some experience with ocean swimming when possible. You do not need to know how to do anything else, though, to really get started. Your kitesurf instructor will work closely with you to ensure you get the experience of a lifetime.

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