Kite Boat Cruises’ Lagoon 450 catamaran


Kite Boat Cruises now has two boats in our fleet. Both running during the windy kite season and both with the best luxury services and amenities. The difference how many people are in your group and the price point. But Kite Boat Cruises holds the highest caliber of crew and professional services in the kite cruise business. Our Trip Advisor ratings speak for themselves.

The Lagoon 450 catamaran is a luxurious and spacious vessel that offers an exceptional sailing experience. Here’s a closer look at what makes the Lagoon 450 catamaran special:

Design and Space:

The Lagoon 450 features a sleek and modern design with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. It has a spacious interior layout with large windows, allowing for ample natural light and panoramic views. The catamaran’s generous living spaces include a well-designed saloon, dining area, and fully equipped kitchen, providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests.


The Lagoon 450 offers a range of accommodation options to suit different group sizes and preferences. It typically features four to six cabins with en-suite bathrooms, providing privacy and comfort for guests. The cabins are well-appointed, offering cozy sleeping quarters and storage space for personal belongings.

Outdoor Living:

One of the highlights of the Lagoon 450 is its expansive outdoor areas. The catamaran has a spacious cockpit where guests can relax and enjoy the stunning views while underway or at anchor. The flybridge, located above the saloon, offers additional seating and lounging space, providing an elevated vantage point to enjoy the surroundings.

Stability and Performance:

Catamarans are known for their stability and smooth sailing, and the Lagoon 450 is no exception. The dual-hull design offers excellent stability, reducing the impact of waves and providing a comfortable ride. The catamaran’s performance under sail is impressive, allowing for efficient cruising and enjoyable sailing experiences.

Entertainment and Amenities:

The Lagoon 450 is equipped with modern amenities to enhance guests’ comfort and entertainment. It often includes features such as a sound system, TV, and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing guests to stay connected and entertained while onboard. The catamaran may also have water toys, such as paddle boards and snorkeling gear, for guests to enjoy water activities during their trip.

Professional Crew:

Many Lagoon 450 catamarans come with a professional crew, including a captain and possibly additional staff members like a chef and steward/stewardess. The crew ensures a smooth sailing experience, taking care of navigation, safety, and catering to guests’ needs. Their expertise and local knowledge enhance the overall vacation experience.

Book your next kite and sail adventure with us in The Bahamas. The Lagoon 450 catamaran combines luxurious living spaces, excellent performance, and exceptional outdoor areas to provide a memorable sailing experience. Whether you’re exploring coastal destinations, embarking on an island-hopping adventure, or simply enjoying the serenity of the open sea, the Lagoon 450 offers a comfortable and stylish platform to make the most of your sailing vacation.

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