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The Bahamas is considered by many sailors the most beautiful place to sail in the Caribbean. The hundreds of islands and sand banks are surrounded with shallow turquoise waters, making The Bahamas one of the biggest sea shallow area in the world. The beautiful turquoise waters are easily recognized from the space and have been a favorite place to observe for astronauts. The abundance of sandy shallow water areas makes this archipelago a perfect destination to practice water sports activities.

In The Bahamas it’s possible to kitesurf with consistent winds and north swells. Learn kiteboarding in a beautiful white sand bar, practice your next freestyle move in the perfect flat-water conditions of Exuma Cays, search for waves at the reefs in Eleuthera or Abaco islands.

The weather is something that we cannot change. A strong philosophy of KiteBoat Cruises is to adapt to the weather conditions and get the maximum fun out of whatever comes our way and always planning the itinerary based on the weather forecast and the customers desires.

The Bahamas space picture by N.A.S.A.

On windy days we will always be kiteboarding in the best spots you can imagine.


Even when it’s not windy in The Bahamas it’s the place you want to be, sailing between beautiful islands, swimming with turtles, dolphings, manta rays, and you can even find swimming pigs. We will search swells for surfing, paddle boarding, fishing… The possibilities are endless while enjoying the tropical island living in a 5-star sailing catamaran.