Kite Boat Cruises was born from the imagination to kiteboard in the best spots around the world.

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We spent our earlier years traveling around the world and searching for the best kitesurfing destinations. We sailed through the tropics and followed the wind in search of the most exotic kitesurfing and surfing spots.

Open sea and water sports, our two biggest passions, and a vital part of our lives. Finally, we found it! The Bahamas is a paradise for sailing and kitesurfing. Pristine beaches, fair winds, and killer bays for some of the best kitesurfing we have ever seen. Get off the beaten path, explore with us and let us share our passion.

Aritz· Belategi

The Captain

Aritz lives for sailing and loves to share his passion for the sea with his guests. Born and raised in Spain, he spent his earlier years sailing and teaching kitesurfing around the world.

After working as a kitesurfing instructor in Morocco, Egypt, Netherlands, and St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, he realized that the best destinations are accessible only by boat and shifted his focus to becoming a Captain.

Aritz now has over 50,000 miles under his belt. With 10 Atlantic crossings, 6 as Captain, you could say he loves to sail. He has spent four charter seasons in Greece and five in The Bahamas. He loves to share adventures of sailing and kiting with people.

5 years in Bahamas

Certified instructor

Alessandro· PiersigillI

The Instructor
and Filmmaker

Alessandro is a sea and wind lover. He’s our kitesurf instructor, photographer and videomaker.

During the last four seasons he was traveling around Cyclades, the land of Meltemi, as kite instructor. He started to kite several years ago, and thanks to it he had the opportunity to discover many beautiful places all over around the world.

During his trips, he also improved his skills of photography and videomaking, and he will catch all the best moments during our cruises and activities. As Italian tradition wants, he loves cooking many typical Italian dishes too.

Certified instructor

Lauren · McCullagh

The manager
and chef

Lauren was born and raised in Canada- the land of the great outdoors. She grew up loving the water- lifeguarding, wakeboarding, boating, and living on the lake.

Lauren has over 8 years in hospitality working in restaurants and has spent the past three years working as a hostess, crew hand, and chef on yachts in both the Bahamas and Greece. Lauren is an avid kitesurfer, surfer, and sailor and completed her first Atlantic crossing

She handles all the bookings and works with clients to customize the trip to their desires.

Anastasiya · Dmytruk

The Chef

Anastasiya Dmytruk is an experienced sailor, chef and globe trotter. She was a contestant on the famed tv show, MasterChef this year going to top 7 female chefs in Greece. Anastasiya loves Mediterranean cuisine, creative and healthy meals are her style!

She is always learning new techniques as she travels the world, cooking with local and fresh ingredients. She also holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Athens.

Anastasiya has been working in the charter industry since 2013 in Greece and the Mediterranean, in both motor and sailing yachts. She has her Skipper diploma and food and beverage management certificate. She is always commended for her professional leadership and her positive and outgoing personality.

When she is not at sea, she is a devoted animal lover and volunteers for shelters in Athens. Photography is another one of her passions and she hopes to travel to Australia and Southeast Asia this year and capture beautiful shots.


The Captain

Sergio has always been drawn to sports and healthy living. He studied and worked as a nutritionist and then worked as a massage therapist in Basque Country, Spain. But at 25 years old, he accidentally discovered life at sea. He joined a crew of a fishing boat and has been bonded to it ever since.

An experienced sailor is an understatement. Sergio has completed ten Atlantic crossings and over 30,000 nautical miles, nine years working in the yacht chartering business in the Balearic Islands, Spain and in the Caribbean. Aritz and Sergio have completed 5 Atantic crossings on our boat Madrigal V.

As a nomad soul he enjoys to live in the moment, alternating sail boats while traveling and exploring Europe in his camper van in the off season. Sergio is also learning how to kite surfer and is a surfer and can’t wait to share exotic islands with you.


The Captain

Edgar is a pure islander. Born and raised on the island of Menorca, he has spent practically his entire life connected to and surrounded by the sea.

Edgar holds a psychology degree, but he heard the call of the sea. He then pursued all of the ocean licenses and certificates to be able to make his passion his job. Edgar has over 4 years of charter experience in Spain, BVI and Bahamas and has completed 2 ocean crossings. Edgar completed his first Atalntic crossing as a crew member with Aritz as captain. He also worked as crew for Kite Boat Cruises for a couple of months in 2019- right before the COVID crisis.

He loves freediving and is always willing to share his knowledge about it. Since he first set foot in the Bahamas in 2019, he has known that he wanted to call it home. The baby blue ocean, wild life, and endless sailing adventures was exactly what he wanted in a home. There he awaits you with a smile to take you to the best beaches and kite spots in the world.


The Instructor

Javier is a triple threat- sailor, kite surfing and scuba instructor. As a deckhand on KBC, he helps the captain with raising the sails, maneuvers, safety and fishing for tuna and mahi mahi and lobster, if you are lucky! He will help navigate you through the best coral scuba diving and escort you through all the water activities on the beach.

For those who want to brush up on their kitesurfing skills or learn new tricks, Javier will coach you through perfecting your moves. He is an IKO instructor and has taught kiting and surfing in Tarifa for the past 6 years. Whether you are a beginner and just learning how to fly the kite or a more advanced kiter trying to perfect a landing on a jump, Javier will give you pointers during your session.

Javier is also an established filmmaker. Creating marketing materials for Spanish tourism boards, surf magazines and sports brands, Javier has been creating trip videos for clients. He compiles all the activities from your trip for you to post on Instagram or use as your next screen saver!

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