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The most amazing part about kitesurfing on a catamaran is the ability to escape the crowds and kite on deserted beaches. You will experience different kite spots every day. Kite in your board shorts whether we are on flat waters, at our favorite wave spots or going on our down-winders. Enjoy the amazing experience of offshore wind riding conditions with the safety and security of a fast dinghy boat. We know the best kitesurfing spots and hidden wild islands, you won't be disappointed!


Are you new to the kiteboarding world? Don’t worry, a trip with Kite Boat Cruises is the perfect way to learn kiteboarding. You can learn how to kitesurf in one week while you enjoy the best sailing holiday ever! The shallows waters are like a swimming pool and being away from other riders, it makes for a safe place to learn. We offer private and group lessons for all levels, and we rent the newest and safest gear on the market. With the sailing catamaran, we’re able to move to different beaches for all riding levels. The safety is guaranteed with I.K.O. certified instructors and a dinghy boat for rescues. You will be amazed at how fast you progress in this perfect setting!


Improve your kiteboarding skills the best possible way, with a pro-rider as your coach. Exclusive kitesurfing cruise clinics for a maximum of 4 guest. Sailing and living onboard a catamaran and learning kiteboarding moves from your kitesurfing hero. Advance your skills, learning from the pros. Best kitesurfing holidays you can imagine!


Nassau Harbor - New Providence - The Bahamas


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